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Rendering of removable partial denture.Multiple factors like severe dental infections and aging can lead to tooth loss. Missing teeth can make the most mundane tasks like chewing a torment. It also causes discomfort in adjacent teeth and gums, making them susceptible to decay and infections. However, if you face tooth loss, you do not necessarily have to deal with harmful consequences, as restorative procedures like dentures can help you avoid problems.

Dentures may be of the complete or partial form, depending on the number of intact teeth you have. A complete denture is a removable frame that covers the places of all teeth in the mouth. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, partial dentures are only meant for some teeth. At Elliott Dentistry, we want to ensure that our patients understand all details about the procedures that can help them.

Benefits of Dentures

Losing teeth may restrict you to certain foods, like some people who only intake liquid or soft foods as they are more comfortable to chew. Getting dentures widens the pool of foods you can consume, as you can then bite, chew, and grind all your foods without additional inconvenience. Since they are removable, you can take off your dentures while sleeping or whenever you need a break. Unlike natural teeth, you can remove and clean your dentures thoroughly, as bacteria may accumulate from frequent eating. In case there are microbial deposits, you are relatively safe from infections as the dentures are not connected to your gums in the way natural teeth are.

Many people feel that dentures improve their facial features. It is likely as gums without teeth can have a flatter appearance and may make you seem older than your age. Hence, apart from improving your oral health, dentures are also useful for cosmetic purposes.

Complete Dentures

These are one of the two main types of dentures. They are suitable for people who have lost all their teeth. However, if you have a few teeth remaining and prefer complete dentures due to their other advantages, our professionals can painlessly remove those teeth. The gum tissues take some time to heal, so you will receive your conventional and customized dentures after a few weeks. Our experts can also install complete immediate dentures if you do not want to go without teeth. These are temporary, and you would no longer have to keep them after you get your conventional dentures.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is more suitable when you have a few teeth you would like to keep. While filling the missing teeth spaces, partial dentures also protect your existing teeth from damage or repair. They typically consist of a metal framework and may have a plastic or rubber layering at the ends so you can stretch it to fit your gums. While acting as dental bridges for missing teeth, partial dentures have crowns that cover the adjacent teeth. Our professionals would trim or file those teeth, so their shape can support the dental crowns.

You will receive local anesthesia before any procedure to make it quick and painless. Once the dentures are in place, you may resume your normal activities. At Elliott Dentistry, our team provides holistic guidelines about aftercare and how to deal with any complications that may arise. Should you have any reservations or queries, or want to book an appointment, please feel free to call us at 971-274-4360.
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If you face tooth loss, you do not have to deal with harmful consequences. Restorative procedures like dentures can help you avoid problems. Learn more here!
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