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Dental Cleanings
Portland, OR

Dr. Ellis and Dr. Elliott in dental room at Elliott Dentistry in Portland, ORMost people believe that a tooth cleaning procedure is something that can be painful and that can bring them uneasiness about the procedure. However, even amidst the strange noises and a little discomfort of the jaw, the procedure is pretty painless and uncomplicated. At Elliott Dentistry, we help you understand every step of the process to make it as simple and stressless for you as possible.

Scraping the Tartar

Before a teeth cleaning procedure, our dentist performs a physical examination of your mouth by using a mirror to look for any signs of inflammation or infection in the gums. Following a short mouth examination, our dentist rids your gumline of any tartar or plaque. The scraping procedure is quite normal, and its duration depends on how much tartar is present in your mouth. Tartar is usually a result of plaque that has built up in your mouth and hardened. It can be prevented with regular flossing and brushing.

Using a Toothpaste

Once your teeth are free from tartar, an electric brush is used to remove any little tarter still remaining. Then our professional uses a toothpaste that is gritty and is used to scrub your teeth gently. It is usually not recommended for people to use it at home as it might affect the enamel.

Flossing Session

Even though we always recommend flossing at home, it certainly does not match the flossing sessions performed by our professionals. They make sure to locate any spots where there is a chance of bleeding. Moreover, they also ensure that there is no leftover toothpaste, tartar, or plaque from the cleaning procedure earlier. Following the flossing session, our professional will provide you with a liquid fluoride rinse to get your mouth clean of debris.

Fluoride Treatment

The cleaning procedure ends with a treatment to help your teeth resist cavities for the next few months. It is called the fluoride treatment, and it acts as a protectant for the teeth. In the process, our professional will place a mouthpiece over your teeth, containing a sticky paste or a gel with a flavor of your choice. Apart from putting on the gel, our professional also brush some fluoride varnish on your teeth. Since the fluoride varnish dries up and hardens quickly, it is quite easy to consume both solid and liquid food shortly after.

How Often Do You Need Teeth Cleaning?

While teeth cleanings are often performed twice a year, our experts may recommend you more frequent visits, depending on your initial examination. It is also possible for them to perform additional assessments when you visit our office. The procedure may also be slightly different for children in case there are any areas that are hard to brush.

Regardless of the post-examination results, visiting our dentist for regular sessions of teeth cleaning is very beneficial and will prevent further problems. However, you must learn the specifics of the procedure prior to it in order to be further at ease. Therefore, do not hesitate to learn more about it by calling us at 971-274-4360. You can also book an appointment and visit us at Elliott Dentistry for a consultation right away.
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