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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge.Aside from the natural cycle of baby teeth becoming adult teeth, teeth loss is a frequent problem that many people face in their lifetime. It may occur from issues like existing gingival diseases that stem from poor oral hygiene. Some people also suffer from tooth loss because aging weakens their bodies. If you lost a tooth for any reason, dental bridges are among the best replacement options out there, as they can effectively refine your lifestyle. Apart from reputable services that fit your needs, Elliott Dentistry also works to provide reliable information about the procedures.

How Dental Bridges Can Help You?

If you wait for a while after losing a tooth, your adjacent teeth attempt to close the gap. It causes them to tilt and deform. Brushing, flossing, or taking care of misshapen teeth is more challenging as most toothbrushes are designed for regular teeth. Consequently, bacteria and plaque begin to deposit on the surface, and it can lead to inflammation. Besides catering to the missing tooth spaces, dental bridges also straighten the deforming teeth on the sides. These help you chew, grind, and comfortably eat the foods you like. Moreover, they also protect your gums from damage as the metal used has healing properties.

Types of Dental Bridges

Based on their structure and implementation, dental bridges can take different forms-some common types include a fixed and implant-supported bridge. Also known as “Maryland bridge,” a fixed bridge is a denture with two dental crowns accompanying the replacement tooth. For this bridge, our experts trim the adjacent teeth to a shape that supports the denture. On the other hand, an implant-supported bridge uses metallic posts instead of other teeth to support the denture. Our team examines your oral health and bone structure while considering factors like your age and lifestyle to determine which type would work best for you.

What Are Dental Bridges Made From?

Other than the structure, dental bridges can also differ in the materials that constitute them. You may find them in metals, ceramics, porcelain, or a fusion of two substances. A porcelain bridge is a popular choice and is the most effective when it comes to aesthetics. It resembles the natural texture and color of teeth, so this bridge blends in right away. A metal bridge is shinier, but it is also more robust and lasts intact for a longer time. Our team would also help you by recommending the best materials for your bridges.

What Does the Procedure Include?

The complete process may extend over two or more appointments, as customizing a bridge after taking the teeth measurements is vital. Otherwise, the frame could be too tight or uncomfortable. After the initial assessment, our professionals will desensitize you using local anesthesia. They will then prepare for the bridge by trimming the teeth. These are also called “abutment teeth,” and filing them is vital so they can hold the crown in its place. You may be asked to wear a temporary crown, and we will soon install the one customized by our experts at Elliott Dentistry. For further consultation, call us at 971-274-4360 today.
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Apart from reputable services that fit your needs, Elliott Dentistry also works to provide reliable information about the dental bridge procedures. Click here!
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